The Radical Healer's Path

Most things in life need a plan, a route, or pathway – we plan nights out, days away, holidays, buying a house, finding

a job and some have a plan to find their ideal partner. Pilots have flight paths, sea captains have plans too,

builders have plans. To get from A to B plans are essential; sometimes they’re simple, sometimes

sophisticated, it depends on the purpose and context.

But there are two areas in life I find people seldom plan – health and spiritual living. Somehow, we just

stumble upon these paths, or they just creep into our awareness, often when life deals us a blow or two,

and are often at first rejected,  ridiculed before we pay attention.

This page is about a path– to healing, health, wellness, and wellbeing and happiness.

It’s maybe not the kind of path you would expect, certainly not the traditional “if you do this and

that in a specific order, a certain result is guaranteed.”

This is The Radical Healer's Path – radical in that it contains things that are different to what you might expect in your journey towards good health and well-being, different in it puts YOU right at the centre of the plan. Until you can be in vibrant good health, it can be difficult to have the energy and resource to be there for others.

And as for a guaranteed outcome, well that depends on your definition of health, success in achieving health, how you define well-being AND crucially, how committed you are to taking responsibility for bringing about any changes needed to take you to better health.

This path can only be a guide but it contains key important steps for you to consider. It’s only a skeleton, and the meat of the path, the detail of how you journey from stage one to two and beyond, the substance of each of the stages, is contained throughout the pages of this site.

This page is the outline of the path. But ultimately YOUR path is

uniquely YOURS.

Go to the “How to use this site” page on how to navigate the

substance you need.

The Radical Healer's Path


Step one          Be aware

Wake up! And face life right in the eyes!

Notice the knocks and nudges life gives you – they are trying to get you to awaken.

Take stock of your health, your life, your circumstances…what’s working, what’s not

No judgement, ie no beating yourself up for how you created your present situation.

Practise ACCEPTANCE – simply accept that “this is how it is now” – then ask, “now what?”

Take responsibility – “you cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.” Jim Rohn

Commit to change for the better

Consider are you internally or externally driven – what is your locus of control?

Be your own best teacher

Find resources to help you – be aware and open to sources you have not considered before

Use all resources to help you become a more informed and wiser person.


Step two         Be informed

Inform yourself – there is no excuse for ignorance in this information age

Discern what you learn - because information is now easily and quickly available it does not mean that all of it is worthwhile or even true.

Check and check again – ensure sources are reliable

Challenge information from your medical professionals – it isn’t always correct or up-to-date

Be informed as to your definition of healing, health, wellness and well-being – think holistically and widely

Inform yourself on who will be in your cheer-leading, support and challenge team


Step three       Be radical and bold and grow


Take charge of your life, be in control

Clarify your boundaries, your line in the sand, what you will put up with and what you won’t

Clarify your values and standards on which you will now base your life – and use them as your compass to navigate a healthier life

Make a noise, let your voice be heard, speak Truth – if professionals won’t listen, find ones who will

Be empowered, stand your ground, do not accept a health service that will not listen, that keeps you living by only managing symptoms and disease and giving no offer of growth and hope, keeping you within its confined and narrow lines

Colour your life outside the lines

Remember there’s more to life than surgery, medication, and radiation – be bold and embrace nutrition, spirituality, functional medicine, integrative medicine, all kinds of complementary and alternative approaches, Chinese medicine etc

Know that as you inform yourself, some of what you find, and which is mainstream for some practitioners, is likely to be rejected / ridiculed / ignored by the NHS but again, make your voice heard, if necessary seek help elsewhere even if you have to pay for it

As a Radical Healer, you may be at the forefront of influencing a new paradigm if the NHS won't listen involve MPs, MSP, the media too

Remember - all truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

When challenged, medical people will resist, they are only human, their limitations are being exposed – but stand your ground

A professional seeing your symptoms today is not aware of the changes you have noticed in the past hour, day, week, month, or year – make them aware – your symptoms exist within a context. As you grow, they too can grow in seriousness

Realise the status quo does not always work -we evolve into the new and the new begins with a thought – your thoughts of how things can be different

Ready yourself to ditch what doesn't work – and that includes a doctor who does not serve you

Think big, dream big - be bold

Don’t expect to be applauded or lauded

Let go old ways of thinking, being, and doing

Embrace new ways - be radical, be bold, stand tall and grow to your fullest potential


Step four           Be blessed and be a blessing 

Be open - to receiving :-




Intuitive hits

Guidance – from a higher power

Cultivate an attitude of believing you truly deserve just because you exist

Share your learning, your growth, your joy with others

Inform and teach others – directly or by your presence

Advocate for others – stand up for those unable to advocate for themselves

What you give out, comes back multiplied, as you bless you are abundantly blessed

Remember we live not just for ourselves but to serve greater humanity even if only one person


Step five         Be happy, be healthy

Be open to - and create - wellness, happiness, and your optimal health

Let no one steal your joy – through their negativity, jealousy, leeching your positivity

Recall your locus of control – be inner driven, don’t live life by external circumstances and other peoples’ demands and expectations, rules and beliefs

Remember - wellness comes when the body, mind, emotions, spirit are at peace.

Peace comes from


Healing comes from wholeness and peace.

Wellness comes when we serve others. There is joy in giving – and receiving



Health is not just about the absence of dis-ease or ill-ness; it is

about the presence of ease and balance in your life, about

proactively creating and maintaining well-ness rather than

leaving it to chance. It is about positive, vibrant health, mentally,

emotionally, physically and spiritually.  It is about being and

feeling happy.


A perception of health, including mental health, must not only

be defined by politicians and medical professionals within a

medical context, but it must also be defined by people within a

sociocultural context that includes family and social network as

well as a wide selection of other contexts. A world view of many

cultural groups integrates physical, mental, emotional, spiritual,

occupational and financial, and social well-being, and holds that

all seven are necessary for optimal health.


But we do not journey through life in isolation; we live and have our

being within contexts, both physical and metaphysical. And so, the

personal beliefs of any therapist or medical professional with whom

you interact, must also be considered, as they impact user-provide

r communication. And this is why so many service-users are at odds

with our NHS health paradigm.


For the belief systems of most users, knowingly or consciously, are much more whole person, holistically based and so they are open to myriad modalities of exploring causes of ill-ness and approaches to wellness. This belief system is not found within the NHS and its limited bio-medical model, although this belief system may be held by individual medical and care professionals, who are confined by what they are taught, can know, and can offer.

Core principles

Some core principles to guide your life:

Accept yourself

Always be true to yourself

Be authentic

Be honest

Choose your own path

Create balance and harmony

Determine your own beliefs

Express the sacred, embrace the wild

Give gratitude

Know yourself

Love yourself

Passionately seek the Truth

Practice deep sincerity

Question everything

Walk your chosen path, your way