The Real You

 aka your God Self, your Higher You, your Big You, your "I AM" and many other names

Perhaps you have found yourself living in two worlds; the first is

mainly the everyday world of the ego personality – where we find

ourselves being constrained and controlled (think laws, rules,

regulations, small print, government, beliefs) fearful, unworthy,

inadequate or anything we deem to be negative.

Or second, there is the more rarely experienced world of our true,

authentic self, our Higher Divine Self, the aspect of our being that

is completely aware of its expanded nature, a world of unlimited

possibility, no matter what we may be experiencing at the time.

The world of personality is more frequently our daily companion,

a world of limitation, where our lower self, our personality self

seems determined to keep reinforcing what we can and cannot do.


There are moments in life when you feel at peace - secure, accepted, joyous, blissful, loved, loving and assured. This is living from the true self. At other times, most of the time, you experience the opposite, when you feel overwhelmed by stress and strain, crisis and catastrophe, doubts, demands, irrationality and insecurity. This is when you are being run by your ego personality identity, your lower self. Which state you inhabit is influenced by your state of your mind, your personal vibration. (See article on Map of Consciousness.)


Living more from your true self is a choice.


When you find yourself more in your lower, personality self, you can re-orientate your intentions to live from your real, higher self. Imagine you are a helicopter, hovering above you, looking down on how you are handling life through your lower self.


The lower self                                                                                                             The higher, true self


is influenced by countless outside circumstances                                              relies on its own inner divinely guided authority

is confused                                                                                                                    is certain and clear about things.

gets distracted, is all over the place, chops and changes constantly               is stable, gently focussed, attentive, decisive

is driven by the ego, the unending demands of "I, me, mine."                       is driven by a deep truth and authenticity, honesty and honour

is easily agitated and disturbed                                                                                is at peace

lacks love, seeks it from outside sources                                                                in short, but profoundly, is love

is a self you learn to inhabit through experiences and conditioning             is the loving, unconditional, perfect person you were at birth

Life is a Journey
Dr. Paul Leon Masters

The Journey of

The Higher Self


The Ego Personality

(The Lower Self)

You are a diamond - gosh, even the Cockneys of London have the expression, "You're a real diamond geezer!"


You have your own unique song to sing – let your heart sing it!


We are born into this world like no other, unique and incomparable. We each have our unique song to sing, which

our heart yearns to sing, our individual journeys to make, our story to author, our unique purpose to serve.


But we don’t just appear from no-where; we are each a unique fragment or part of the Universe, each part of the

whole, what is in you is in me, and as such we could be likened each to a unique diamond. Perfect in structure,

the Diamond, in its rarity and beauty, is a symbol of purity and innocence, of love and fidelity, which embraces

strength of character, ethics, and faithfulness to oneself and others. It is indicative of the loving and open nature

with which one came into the physical realm, just look at how loving and open a baby is, and encourages the

aspect of truth and trust. And there is nothing more truthful, honest, and trusting than a child.






















So what happens to us along the way?


Well over time in our formative years, we are told not to sing, not to let our voice soar, to never express what is in our heart. We suffer the tall poppy syndrome – never rise above your station in life, remember your place in society and other such words that hold us back.


Great forces (Governments, establishments, schools, employers etc) direct us to conform, to fit in with society, our cultural norms, do as required, that we can only belong provided that we do as we’re told. In other words, we become conditioned to the patterns of our family in the first instance and then our wider society.  The more we fall in with this, the less we express the truth of our uniqueness. The less we sing our song. The more we join the chorus.


Then we have our DNA which has been handed down from generation to generation, coding repeated behaviour patterns into our being. He’s like his father, she’s like her mother and not just in looks. We often exhibit behaviours our ancestors exhibited. (This is not to say we cannot reprogramme our genes. That’s for another day.)


Then we have archetypal energies that set the standards for how we will behave as a man or a woman, as husband or wife, as father or mother, as a teacher, as a lover. We are programmed through the great collective unconscious, as Jung defined it, within which the thoughts, experiences, ideas of humankind across millennia and cultures are contained and are expressed mostly via our unconscious as archetypal behaviours and roles – she’s just such a princess, he is a real magician or trickster, she is a real little sage or know it all, or isn’t she just such a wise woman for her years. She is the perfect mother, the perfect nurturer, he is a control freak, such a ruler. There are archetypes in all of us.


In other words, we are steeped in a consensual reality, whereby the world around us reflects societal understanding and norms of how life has been and is to be again.


The dust on the diamond


Many of us live out our lives by the conditioned ways of others and society.

I call this the dust that over time clouds the diamond, obscures it even, so that

that original beauty, innocence, and purity, the “real you” is no longer what is

seen by the world. What the world sees are the masks you project out to it, what

you have been conditioned or influenced to become. You may have become the

archetypal rebel, not doing as you are told. But in showing your rebel side, you

are still not showing the real you. You’ve been told you are not good enough,

you don’t deserve, who would love the like of you, who are you to be great,

ambitious, get back in your box – and so, believing that, doing as you are told,

you behave that way, and that’s what the world ultimately sees - not the

authentic diamond, but a diamond disguised and packed for acceptability,

for appearances.


But that is not the real YOU. That is the "little you” - it is who you have been conditioned to become. It is the cloak you don, the mask you wear, the dust on the diamond. It covers over you, hides and robs you of vibrancy and colour.


The real you


Meanwhile, the “real you”,  the awesome you, the Big You, your Higher 

God Consciousness , the You that retains its connection to the original source

of the Universe, as the diamond is always a part of the deep inner source of

earth, that authentic you of truth, beauty, purity, honesty, and innocence is

still there, you never really went anywhere,  –  you are waiting to be revealed,

waiting to have the dust blown away, the shine re-kindled.


You still have that even greater force, your connection to Source, within you,

inspiring you to awaken, to wake up and smell the roses, to remember and

recognise the reality and truth of who you are. This force, this source, call it

God, Universe, Spirit, Higher Power, for this is not of a religion, simply this

creative power underpinning the entire universe, is calling you home, to

reconnect with the truth of who you are in all authenticity, urging you to

bring the heavenly real you to the world, to create brand new standards of

reality here on earth right now.

It is about coming back into balance and in tune with who you truly are.

It is what is meant by bringing heaven to earth. You are heaven. Heaven is not some

mystical place "out there!" It is in here within each and everyone of us.


Remembering the real you


As ill-health is a state of not being in balance, where we move so far away from that central

heavenly source of perfection, then it figures, that in order to be healthy, we need to honour

this radical healing journey, to come back to centre, come back to source, come back to

purity and truth.


Create a brand new world for yourself, one that meets your own deepest needs, not the wishes of others and society and when you do so, you will help raise the quality of consciousness of the entire world. Oh to have a world where all its diamonds shone!


Time to dust


And that’s what this website is about; enabling you to declutter, throw off the shackles that bind, to wake up to your original brilliance and sparkle, to remember who in truth you are, the perfection of Love,  to let your voice be heard, to sing your own unique song, to let that heart of yours sing – literally and metaphorically.


You will read here of change but what I don’t mean is changing yourself – for you cannot. You do not need fixing or changing. Just to remember your wholeness. You are already all you need and need to be. Your own journey is about rediscovering, perhaps for the first time, the jewel that you always were, are, and will ever be. There is nothing wrong with you.


You learned how to become separate from the world, from others, and even yourself, you learned lots of untruths about yourself, you also learned to be ill. Now is the time to come home to perfection, to heal and be whole. To Love with a capital L!


Are you willing? Are you ready?


Love is not something you search for.
Love is not something you wait for.
Love is not coming 'one day'.
Love won't ride in on horseback.

Your job is not to seek love, then,
but to be it,
know it as your essence,
feel it infuse your very being,
hear it drip from your in-breath,
and shimmer through your out-breath.
Call off the search. Love is You.


- Jeff Foster

Life without A Centre








Diamond -unique but part of the universe

Wipe the dust from the diamond and reveal the real you.

“Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?” ― Charles Bukowski, German-born American Author and prolific poet

"As long as I am this or that, I am not all things."

-- Meister Eckhart


How do you define or describe yourself, to yourself and others? Do you first reply, “I am a husband/wife, a mother/father, a doctor, teacher, builder or dancer?”  Perhaps you reply in faith bound terms, “I am a Christian / Hindu / Jew / Muslim, or Jew etc.” ? Or perhaps you go for words such as, “visionary / dreamer / fool ...”

Be aware that labels both define and limit. You are more than just a mum, just a brother, just a writer etc.”


Experiment today with how it feels to drop any labels, and just be, rest in the boundless ‘I am’ and notice the freedomness, the expansiveness, the spaciousness, or as some call it, the infinite potential of simply being.


"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be."

-- Lao Tzu