Your different selves

Throughout the website, you'll find I talk of different aspects of your Self.


They're quite important for they determine how we live our lives.


To keep things simple,I shall use three terms:-


Terms I'll mostly use                       Other terms you might read of - here and elsewhere


Universal Mind                                 God, God Consciousness, Spirit, Source, Universal


Higher Self                                         God Self, Real Self,

Smaller Self                                        Ego me, False Self,


Now you will find similar terms, and others, in sources by other authors, and in some cases some authors propose there are more than just the three levels of being mentioned above and yet another says we are just one bundle of everything! But I want to keep it simple. So for simplicity’s sake I state these three levels in a different way, starting at the bottom.


Smaller Self  - Little Me


The ME I think I am – I am a father/mother, doctor, priest, rich, famous, not famous and so on. It is about our self-identity. I am good at … I am not so good at… I have beliefs and some help me ….I am awesome, I can do it … but many beliefs limit me ... I am nothing, I don’t deserve, I am no good, I am less than. Little ME is also home to my sub-conscious mind wherein is stored all my previous life experiences, my beliefs, my memories, myskills, all situations I've been through and all images I've ever seen. It includes all the maps I have made of how the world is (based on my experiences. It could be a dangerous place, a beautiful place, a place where people are friendly, or hostile and so on. But that map is what I use, sub consciously, to navigate the world.) All this applies to you too.


But none of the aforementioned describes who I really am. The above Little Me is actually the False Me, I make it up. So, as an example, my first girlfriend dumps me and then I believe women are merciless, cruel, unkind. That becomes my map of the world. But, to quote a well-worn saying, the map is not the territory, and just because the first person I dated dumped  me, does not mean that is how the world is and that all women are like that.


But this little me has a big voice, and a big say in our lives. Often without our knowing.

Just as our sub -conscious ME hugely runs our lives without our knowing.


And together make us live life mostly as if “it’s all about me.”


Have a look at this amusing video by Joyce Meyer


The subconscious mind is responsible for automatically triggering feelings and

emotions that you suddenly experience upon facing a new situation. If you were

about to give a talk in public then all the fear and anxiety feelings you might

experience, perhaps influenced by past experiences now in your sub -conscious

memory bank, are in fact launched and controlled by your subconscious mind.


The subconscious mind also controls other functions in your body like breathing and heart beats.


The conscious mind is, on the other hand, responsible for logic, thinking, calculations and all actions that are performed while you are conscious.

And both work in tandem – when you are driving a car some of your actions will be determined by your conscious mind, paying attention to signals and other traffic. But many of the actions you take when driving, are driven, if you’ll pardon the pun, by the sub-conscious mind. They are driving actions you take really without thinking.



The Higher Self, the Real Me, The True self


There is then the ME that is my real me, my true self, stripped of all the masks and labels and sabotaging beliefs that were constructed and fabricated by Little Me.  This is the ME that is my higher being, my soul being, my channel to and from the Universal Consciousness I call the Universal Mind. When I operate at this level of awareness and consciousness, I am aware of a spiritual connection, a Higher Power, that works in and through me for my greater good and the greater good of all, figuring out each day how to be a blessing to others.


When we talk about the True or Higher Self, we are referring to the following levels of being:


 Our Unique blueprint, our Divine -given personality (some would use the word God but there are many words for God and we are not talking here in any religious sense.) Higher and truer than the fabricated "self" is the unique, irreplaceable personality made in the likeness of the Universal Consciousness, of God.


Oneness with everyone on the planet – remember, we are all a spark or diamond of the original Universal Consciousness. It’s about the expression, “we are all God's children.” Or in Scotland we say, “ We are awe Jock Tamsin’s bairns.” At this level, "my" True Self is not any different from "your" True Self. People who identify with this level of being value what all human beings share in common more than their own -- or any one else's -- unique attributes.


Our Divine spiritual essence. At the very highest level of our being is our Spirit aspect - the Divine, God-filled, God directed essence of Life. That Spirit is beyond our individual Little Me personality and vibrates so finely it overlaps with the essence or vibration of God, The Universal Mind. This essence , our Divine spiritual essence, is an indivisible spark of infinite life and infinite consciousness, an individual piece of the whole Universal God Mind, a chip off the old block as my good old Dad used to say.


At this finest vibration of our energy, we live so finely tuned that we can connect with the God presence, or Universal Mind if you prefer, and it with us.


The Universal Mind


The Universal MIND, God, Source, Great Spirit, there are many names – of which we are each a part, is infinite and omnipotent, it is benevolent, it wants us to succeed and prosper, it has unlimited resources at its command; it is also omnipresent, it is everywhere all the time. It is not just in some of us sometimes; it is in all of us, all the time.


But when we live through our little me, the Universal Mind has difficulty in in- filling and enfolding us, getting through to us. And whether we choose to deliberately block it or believe it doesn’t exist, we cannot escape the conclusion that we are an expression or manifestation of that Universal Mind, that goodness. We all breathe the same air the Universal Mind provides, so why should some of us say “I believe and am open to all your blessing” whilst others doubt and disbelieve and so are not receptive. But it does not mean the blessings are not there for the believing and the asking. With that one thought, “I don’t believe” we are effectively saying “I don’t want to receive today Universe” and that’s the EGO doing that – Edging, God Out!


Imagine that the Universal Mind is like an ocean and we are each but a drop in that ocean. The little me is often at the top, being blown and bounced and thrashed around. Life led at the Little Me level can be tough, struggling to get by, facing storm after storm, having little control over where you will be blown to next. Often dealing with health conditions, and increasingly so.


Yet deep below the storm, the Bigger Me is calm, at peace.


Where there is peace, there is healing. Living at the little Me level, run by your EGO, is not a healed place to live.


So throughout the website, some of the healing approaches on offer, will be to encourage you to engage more with your Higher Self, your Higher Mind, to connect to the healing power of the Universal Mind. And this is not about converting you to some religion. These concepts of Lower, Higher, and Universal Minds exist in many major faith and culture traditions.


What is the role of the Higher Self?


Okay, be warned. For some of you who live mostly at the moment from the Little Me state, you may find this little story a  bit woo woo. But bear with!


Before you were born, your higher self (remember its Spirit essence that never dies)  got together with some spirit guides in the ether and basically said, “Will you look after me when I get down there to earth?” Your higher self also knew it was coming to earth for a purpose so it would also say, “ I’d particularly like your help to accomplish X,Y,Z”


So you are thrust out into this world and all the time your Higher Self is keeping its side of the bargain, watching over you and helping to guide you in the direction of your purpose. Your higher self knows the journey, but you hold the map! It knows where you’re supposed to be, and when, and who you’re supposed to meet and when.  It assembles all your spirit guides together, explains the plan and how they are needed to help.


Your higher self also works with the guides of your future parents as well, to make sure they’re in the right place and the right time doing the boogaloo at the best time of the month. They each have their own plan and map.


Now remember your map? Well from the moment you are born, you constantly update that map according to the beliefs you form about life on this place on which you have landed. And your link with your higher self is now very tenuous and ethereal. You have become very physical, governed less by spirit and more by your five senses. The vibrations of you and your higher self are difficult to tune to but hopefully you will feel or discover or in some way connect ss you go through life. 


Children are often very acutely aware of the higher self energy, they are open to “messages” to signs and omens. I was brought up in the country and had regular such connection until the adults found out and their ego selves didn’t like what they were hearing and so, like many or even most children I suspect, this connection was influenced out of me. I was conditioned into the world of the EGO, my Little Self was in the driving street, getting stronger and more and more I learned  to play the dance of life that was expected of me... do as you're told, speak when you're spoken to, you can do better, .


Meanwhile, back at higher Self base camp, your higher self has not forgotten you and is still looking down, editing your life plan as best it can now that you seem to be following a different plan. As you have free will to make your own mind up and not follow the plan you have now forgotten you made and are now drawing your own map of the world, your higher self keeps re-directing you every time you “mess” things up or go off-piste, off plan.


Just as a space ship hurtling to Mars is only 3% on course for most of its trajectory, and needs constant realigning to the original plan, your higher self does the same with you.


It gives you nudges, shows you signs, creates synchronistic events for you to notice. But as you have free will, you may be too busy with other things and not notice, or if you do notice, you may not really catch what the sign is telling you. Or choose to ignore it because you just don't get the bigger picture.


And as Caroline Myss, medical intuitive once told me, "If you don't get the signs and action them then bit by bit the Universe will take something from you - maybe first your job, then maybe your relationships, perhaps an illness will form. And if you still don't pay attention then you get the big whammy when the deck of cards falls down."


And that's what happened. Within two weeks I had lost my partner, my business, all my money, my home, my living, and many friends. And within a year  I had been diagnosed with depression, diabetes type II, and numerous "mystery" illnesses - which grew over the next 20 years and still confound the medical establishment.


But I am turning things round and connection with my Higher Self really helps.


How do you reconnect with your Higher Self?


Although most, as they grow, retain only a tenuous link with their higher self as they are too busy getting on with theirearthly, ego life, you are always connected to your higher self. But now you know about it it is up to you to consciously reconnect with it, and please, not just when you hit a problem. Treat it is a friend you connect with regularly.  If you can accomplish this, you’ll have access to your life plan! 


You are not just a body; you are mind, body, emotions AND spirit and that's where your higher Self, Spirit and Soul come in.


So begin to listen to your higher self.  It will speak as your intuition, gut messages and hunches that feel right.  Sometimes it may sound like the voice of your nurturing parent, suggesting you don’t do something.  Sometimes inside your head you may just hear or sense words which sound like the voice of reason, or justice, mercy, or compassion.  Sometimes there’s a spontaneous “carpe deum” – just go for it.


Learn to meditate, to pray, to specifically talk with your Higher Self.


Take time out regularly and sit in silence.


Ger out into nature, breathe it in, and notice what takes your attention.


How do you know none of this is just your EGO playing tricks? Well, if the messages and cautions and urgings you get feel right then it’s your higher self. If they create fear and doubt then it’s the voice of your ego, which is usually always fear-based.



On this journey you are likely to encounter healing opportunities, for healing emotions, relationships, and other challenges. You'll be prompted to think less about self and more about others, learning new ways of thinking, being and doing.


Over time, when your personality is fully developed, integrated, and evolved, and you really resonate with and operate from the state or vibration of your Higher Self, it becomes a tool for your soul to fulfill its goals, those purposes you laid down in your plan. You grow beyond Little Me and become more than a personality–you live now from your Higher Self. However, healing and living in harmony, mind, emotions, and body–being your Higher Self, is not the same as being your soul.


Your Higher Self is a perfect instrument through which your soul can express itself on the earth plane. As your Higher Self, you carry out the purposes of your soul, instead of following the desires of your Little Me ego personality. You are being your Higher Self every time you align with your soul and carry out its goals.

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