The T-Factor - Time For A Change To Owned Responsibility

"Recognize that life is what you get when you’re born ... living is what you do with it."

Jim Allen





Can you embrace all of your life?


Have you taken full ownership of your life?


When we own our lives, we accept what we were given, what we’ve inherited and the

experiences we hold in our memories. But, if it’s not quite as we would like, we don’t

just put up with it.

We also assert that we have the right to create new conditions and qualities in our lives if

we're not happy with what's come before.


And so we assume our own responsibility for changing what does not suit us, for creating

as far as possible the life we would prefer. We don’t blame others for our lot in life or

expect others to change things for us.


Instead, we affirm our own special qualities, talents and skills, that can bring about the changes we seek and truly honour our right to enjoy the journey or process of change.


In short, we embrace life, its good and not so good, its meaning and purpose, its highs and lows, its mysteries and beauty and take positive action.


We refrain from pointing the finger and blaming others for the darker sides of life. We accept our part in their creation (for its not all down to us) and take responsibility for making changes.


We access our unique inner wisdom, our subconscious mind and intuition.


We do all we can to release the stresses and strains of life, the blocks and self-sabotage mechanisms, we heal and release negative emotions, and ignite the spark of imagination and creation.


We dig deeper, aim higher, reach wider.

Taking responsibility is making the next decision, and the next, and then the ...

Colorful yarn

What colour

is your life?

"In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.

Eleanor Roosevelt

None of us are doomed by our genes or present life circumstances; nor are we hardwired and

condemned to be a certain way for the rest of your life.


A new science, a new era, a new paradigm, is emerging, which is empowering all human beings to take

greater responsibility for their lives and to create the reality they choose. This is what patient

centred medical care should be about but the medical establishment and doctors in particular have

yet to grasp the profound significance of what this means in practice, especially for how their behaviour

needs to change. A patient who is truly empowered and takes responsibility for their own health

and well-being will be a force hitherto unmet in a clinical practice. And they are to be expected

to arrive well-informed, with questions in need of exploration.


By combining the worlds of biology and genetics, brain chemistry (changing how we think),

metaphysics - looking at how we cause our effects, neuroscience - re-wiring our brain, quantum

physics - how our thoughts, beliefs and emotions shape our world,  we can truly create what we

never thought possible… a way to a different life of good health and well-being.


And it doesn’t take degrees in these sciences but simply a commitment to break your current habits which

create your current self and circumstances, dedication to changing your mind, your thinking.


This is a website to facilitate change, change from your present ways to return to the truth of who you really are, to be an agent of change, and to advocate that we all consider the role we can each play in bringing about change in ourselves, our health and well-being, in the present systems of medicine, the way we currently do medicine, and the medicine we do, and to let that ripple out to the wider world.


But before we can change outer circumstances, we first have to change from within. Hence, the T Factor –

the Time For A Change To Owned Responsibility.


Handle with care


This is not about blame nor saying you alone are responsible for your circumstances; we operate within a world community of communities. Other people rub up against. There is contagion and infection. We live in an environment and that environment is managed and influenced by others such as politicians, both local and national.


This is about noticing, being more deeply aware, of those moments in your life when it is time for something different to happen, when you may be at a crossroads, or feeling that life is not very fulfilling. It could be you are becoming aware of being on a bit of a treadmill, repeatedly making the same mistakes, getting yourself into the same old situations. Or maybe you are noticing you are not as healthy as you would like, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, or physically. For some of you it may simply be that life has dealt you a mega big blow and you just know that things have to change, that there has to be something better, and that no matter what you try “out there” it doesn’t work and so the one place to really focus on first and foremost, is to begin “in here!”


There is a need for “both -and” that is to travel your inner journey and more wisely call on the external when needed. It is not about one or the other.


It is about recognising you are not just your body which has symptoms when things go wrong; it is about recognising that our thought trigger emotions and our emotions have a large bearing on our health. But, whether you agree or not, we are  not just body, mind and emotion. We are spiritual beings with a soul but because the mystery of that is often too great, we dismiss it and even argue it is not existent. But it is. And our ill-being is often directly due to a spiritual disconnection and void. Alcoholism is the seeking for connection with spirit, except most do it through the spirit in a bottle. Real spirit, cannot be bottled nor contained. But it can bring freedom.


It is about deciding who is the power in your life; do you hand all power for your health over to your doctor, or will you start realising that increasingly, the way medical services are changing, there will be a need for more owned responsibility? But since your body is a natural healing mechanism anyway, always seeking to take you back to balance and health, why give so much importance to doctors when we alone can do so much to help ourselves?


The website is not a magic pill or potion or wand; it is about encouraging you to take responsibility for your life, about noticing that you really do create the life you have and if you desire things or circumstances to be different then it is you who needs to do the changing, and change starts with changing your thoughts.  This can be difficult to accept at a time when perhaps you feel that all your inner, and even outer resources are deplete; the very word responsibility for many is an onerous, heavy-laden one.  Yet at its simplest it is about our ability to respond. So often we want others to change, for them to behave differently – “I will love you if you xxxx!”  - but this is the route of conditional living.  So, it is we who need to take the first step of change, to develop the ability to think and respond differently, to change our attitude, to let go our limiting beliefs and replace them with healthier, life enhancing ones and then translate that into living a healthy life, eating, drinking, sleeping, moving, self-caring, and relating well.


Are you ready for the challenge? Ask yourself right now,


“Am I ready to make and commit to a decision to take responsibility for my life?”



The T Factor – is about taking and owning responsibility for


Your thinking - what you think, how you think and whether it is helping or limiting you

Becoming aware of what may be causing any dis-ease and illness and your part in that; it requires honesty

Informing yourself about health and well-being, including informing yourself of ways, other than just traditional medicine, to help your body re-balance and bring you back to wellness.

Being radical and bold in the stops you take to create greater health and well-being in your life

Being open to change from surprising ways, and not just the traditional routes you imagine

Being open to health and well-being (so many believe that living with illness is their fate)

Being a blessing on yourself and on others, aware of what you put out there into the world and whether it is life enhancing or not

Being happy and successful


There is such a plethora of information available these days, from websites, to apps, local health groups, national and international support groups, doctors and organisations who specialise in specific conditions.  Even if we ourselves are not specifically computer literate, we can engage others to assist us in our searches for different routes to better health. The information is there if people look in the right places. The key is the patient; you. If you do your own diligent research; you will be wiser as to what are the better choices for your own health and well-being.


Elsewhere on this site you will find sites and sources I have found particularly informative, independent and not under the control of pharmaceutical companies, and where owners spend their own resources to carry out research.


But you must take responsibility for satisfying yourself that any source is helpful to you. And be aware that some sites will charge for their services.


In a UK society where we have become used to an NHS that is free, we need to realise that there is no free lunch! Many NHS treatments, medications, and approaches come with side effects at physical and emotional cost to the patient. Sometimes we need to be prepared to find the financial resources to pay for services not available on the NHS. We may need to save up, prioritise how we send our limited resources, make lifestyle changes.

We may need to be prepared to influence the NHS to operate differently - to change the medicine we do and the way we do medicine.


We have become used to the fact that medicine has all the answers and so we often lay unrealistic expectations on our medical practitioners. But we cannot expect the NHS to heal us; only we can do that. Doctors don’t heal, it is the body that responds to any interventions to help it heal. You are best placed to help your body, by the way you think, feel and act and the limits you put on yourself or your ability to acknowledge the vast potential you have in a world filled with potentials and possibilities.


Taking responsibility for your own health and well-being demands us to be active participants in our health, not passive by-standers.

Start now

Sometimes we know what to do; we know we need support and feel ready to take action. And then -  we dither; we fear and doubt, we feel we don’t deserve and tell ourselves we can always do something for ourselves at a later time. Be sure this is your ego’s way of talking to you, making you procrastinate, and holding you back.


Indecision is extremely frustrating and leads to anxiety, confusion, loss, and wasted mental, emotional energy. At this time, you may find you can’t remain in the status quo without losing your way altogether. You may wish others would make the decision for you but that amounts to a subtle refusal to take personal responsibility.


By not making a choice, you are making a choice, one for which you must ultimately be accountable. In Life, you’ll always have second chances, you can always start again once you’ve learned the valuable lesson that you are procrastinating, going round the same old mountain, making the same old decisions. But that’s not the way of change.


There’s the old saying, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always had.” Are you resisting your own personal responsibility for repeating lessons you really don’t need to relearn?


Surrender now to the fact that you are the common denominator in all these repeat performances, for which you have studied the script and play the part well.  Nothing will change till you change.  At least acknowledge this is where you are.  You can now see the cycles that you wish to exit, the repeat performances it’s time to end, and you can espy the new vision that awaits you when you open the portal and walk through it.


Once you figure out that you do have the power to stop going round and round, then you possess the key to your freedom.


Be good to yourself. It’s not about blame for all the years and months of indecision and fear of moving forward, it’s simply time for personal accountability. You can have the abundant life filled with love and prosperity that Spirit so wants for you! It may turn out to not be about what YOU want for you, but perhaps Spirit has something greater in mind that lies way beyond the limitations of your mind.


Choose your cause and commit to it, because you can make a difference.

Start now and step through the portal.






Time for a Change