Thinking - the best medicine

Our achievements of today are but the sum total of our thoughts of yesterday.

You are today where the thoughts of yesterday have brought you and you will be tomorrow where the thoughts of today take you.

- Blaise Pascal

What is our greatest power to heal?

Does it lie in medication, a pill or a potion?

Do they actually heal, or simply rid us, often temporarily, of our pain and suffering?


Our greatest power to heal our lives, that is to heal truly and deeply, lies first in

our thinking –  what we think and how we think.


Thoughts have energy and energy is power.


It is therefore most instructive to pay witness to what and how we think.

We might be surprised!


Any sign or symptom of dis-ease or dysfunction, of ill-health or illness, is not an indicator of something that has just happened. It is a reminder that what has led to this sign has been with us for some time; and it started with a thought. Our body has been going through a process of going more and more out of balance. Which is why indications of dis-ease which don’t appear in medical tests today, can do so next week. Sometimes they have to get to a certain point of fruition to be discernible in blood tests or scans.


Which is why I believe it can be useful to ask ourselves, “if I notice this sign today, what was going on in my life some eighteen months ago that might give me an indication as to its cause? What was I thinking back then and how was I thinking that may have kick-started this condition?”


Humour me if you will with the basic thought that out purpose here on earth is not about having or getting or being the most, the best, the richest etc but is simply to see every moment as an opportunity to love. That’s it! Nothing more! When we choose not to love, we therefore go out of balance, and the moment we do, we set the scene for dis-ease, un-ease, ill-ness, ill-health and so on.


Someone offends you, upsets you, does something to really trigger your anger; that is a moment, an opportunity to love, to forgive, to let go “your stuff” about them. That does not mean you lie down and say, “do it to me one more time – and another, then another” – you need to set your boundaries, draw a line in the sand. But to stop straying into living in anger-land, resentful-land, or any other land or sea of negativity, you could choose to forgive them and love them anyway. You have no or little idea what has just been going on in their life to make them act the way they do. Oh you don’t have to be best buddies or dine out with them forever and a day. But of what good does it benefit you to live with negative emotions, harbouring and possibly growing ill-feeling?


As you will see on the pages on metaphysics, when we hang on to negative emotions, we till the soil and sow the seeds of all manner of stress-related illnesses. Over time they grow and manifest as illnesses of various forms of seriousness.


  • I know of someone who was always criticising and judging others – and in later life, suffered in many ways with various forms of inflammation and arthritis.

  • Another I knew got angry at the slightest upset caused by her partner, but would take no responsibility for setting her boundaries or reasonably discussing what was happening to the relationship. Every conversation she had with him was a slanging match; every discussion she and I had was blighted by her moans and groans about her partner. And still she saw it all as his fault. It literally was eating away at her and at a youngish age, she succumbed to and died from cancer.

  • Another person I knew, had a situation where his partner did the dirty on him, he lost her, his livelihood, his monies, his business. He found it hard to forgive her and became a victim to the fact that all the joy and sweetness had disappeared from life and it was all down to her. Unsurprisingly, he succumbed to diabetes – an illness to do with issues to do with control of sugar in the blood.


Yet in each case, rather than become victim, the person could have chosen the road of love, and become a victor instead. But their habitual thinking simply would not allow them to do so; all their thoughts and their ways of thinking were focussed on staying stuck in their negative story. There is much power not just in a single word – but in a whole story, in changing our story, our life-script!


Yes, it isn’t “nice” when someone does horrible things to us, it’s the way of life in this physical earth plane. But we do have choices. We can choose to stay stuck in self-righteous, condemnatory thinking, or we can choose to forgive, let go, and find liberty. We can think ourselves into an early grave or a lifetime of poor health, or we can make choices to be aware, to inform ourselves of a better life, to grow, and in every sense possible, lead as healthy and happy a life as possible. We can choose to succumb to the negativity that has happened, and stay stuck in its life draining energy, or we can choose, albeit after a time of feeling “down” to get up and live. When it comes to people who get under our skin (a contributory factor in dis-eases such as shingles, eczema, rash or skin problems, or challenge us in any way, we can take a moment to stop and ask – is it better for me to be right about this or happy in life, will I judge and condemn this person or will I bless them? Am I attempting to resolve this from my lower, ego self, or my Higher divine self?


And here’s the rub. Any grievance we hold against anyone, whether the issue be trivial or large,

is ultimately, a grievance or judgement held against our self. Thinking bad about others is akin

to thinking bad of ourselves. Every single thought counts. Even if you fool yourself into

believing, “Well I don’t like what they did but I shall just remain neutral and forget about it”

you are forgetting that you haven’t really forgotten! Deep down your anger and resentment is

buried inside, and over time, think those eighteen months, doing more harm than good!

Internally your gut microbiome is becoming more and more inflamed giving rise overtime to

all manner of inflammatory and auto-immune diseases. It’s like a scab on your hand which

you subconsciously keep scratching; you never allow it to heal. You keep opening the wound,

triggering the possibility of new infection and even sepsis.


I’ve had days in the past when I too wanted to dwell in self-

righteous anger. After all, “THEY did that to me!” I tell myself.

But my anger helps no-one. Instead, now, I’ve developed a way

to find the more understanding, compassionate part of me. I may

be on a bus, riding into town. I’ll look at the faces of the other

passengers; as new people board, I wonder what their day holds

in store, what are they thinking about, what trials might they have

to face today, what sadness may they have left at home? I notice

people alight and wonder too about them, where are they headed,

what awaits them at work, will they have angry customers, or will

they be faced with people who are truly grateful for their presence?

As I take my attention away from me, I become aware that it

returns to me, but to my heart and its warmth, instead of the earlier

cold and negative thinking in my head. Hardness dissolves and

softness evolves. And then I silently and mindfully send blessings

to all.


So how can you check the negative thinking in your head?

How can you transform your thinking and come from a loving

position in your heart?


No matter how much pain we are in, we can always choose to think


                      Pain may be inevitable, but suffering is not.


As we pour out our compassion, the universe sends compassion to

us, multiplied. Compassion is healing,

                        Watch the video below

                        Be prepared to keep pausing as you take notes.

                        Note your resistances too ...

               some of the information may be so new  ...   

                         you may want to reject it or resist it.

My every thought has 6 impacts ...

it creates my feelings,

it affects every cell of my body and therefore determines my health,

it creates my behaviour and actions,

it radiates out into the environment, and

it reaches anyone I am thinking about .

Throughout our waking hours, our sub-conscious mind is absorbing and recording all that is happening -whether it be something that is said directly to us, or what we absorb and interpret through our five senses. This creates our own reference library so that, next time we meet a certain experience then to respond to it, we sub-consciously dip into our reference library. Your conscious mind commands and your subconscious mind obeys. All your habits of thinking and acting are stored in your subconscious mind. It has memorised all your comfort zones and it works to keep you in them.


If you keep saying, “This job is a pain in the neck,” your unconscious will figure out a way to make sure that your neck hurts. If you were taught that “sex is horrible,” your unconscious mind will still respond to that moral teaching even after your conscious mind has decided, "No it isn't." An opportunity for sex happens; you either refuse it because you were taught sex is nasty or proceed, and feel guilt that you broke that moral code!


Our sub-conscious memory bank is fed by what gets our attention and occupies our thoughts. If you live on a diet of reality TV, then that is the level at which you will mainly make your decisions and live your life. Live on a diet of media, newspapers, news on TV, with its focus on war, struggle, poverty, crime and negative themes, then these are the vibrations that filter into your sub-consciousness and once imbedded into your sub-conscious mind, will influence your thoughts, behaviours, and actions.


In present times, summer 2017, with threats and counter threats between America and North Korea, ISIS attacks in European cities, people living in austerity, and others living with cultural impositions on their freedoms, or harm to their bodies (think female genital mutilation)  it is important we seek constant reminders of a world of Higher Purpose, of our own Higher Nature, with natural laws, that all is not black and negative; there is a light and loving side too. Spiritual and inspirational reading can be helpful. The media so mass medicate us in such a low representation of the human being, a societal dumbing down if you like, that it is essential to remind ourselves of something higher, that lower vibrations are not our inherent nature – but negativity and blackness is something we have been conditioned into. Look at a new born child – it knows no evil or harm or negativity, until it begins, very quickly, to open to societal conditioning by its parents, circles of family and friends, media, TV etc.


Aa an adult you have power over how you allow yourself to become conditioned or influenced, you can choose who and what to believe, whether to soak up the negativity of the world, or to influence your thoughts and mindset into a positive one. All of the world’s religions provide nourishment for our spirit drawn from centuries of spiritual exploration and experience. It is an investment in you to take half an hour or so each day for an infusion of inspiration, a reminder of the more positive side of life, to feel uplifted and inspired, by reading perhaps from the scriptures, whether you have a religious leaning or not,  as well as the writings of the great mystics of all religions eg Hildegard of Bingen, Julian of Norwich, Meister Eckhart, Francis of Assisi etc.. Or you may draw from modern writers such as Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Louise L Hay, Wayne Teasdale, Karen Armstrong, Tara Brach – or other great writers    

Before bed is a good time for inspirational reading, or listening to a favourite CD, or podcast of a preferred author, bedtime is good because the thoughts you fall asleep to will be with you throughout the night and overtime influence your conscious and sub-conscious  responses to life.


Would you rather go to sleep with thoughts of murder and fear or positive inspiration and love – with thoughts influenced by the dark or by the light?


Our consciousness takes on the energy of what we allow into our minds. By reading the words of a favourite saint, mystic, or spiritual teacher, we imbue our mind with thoughts that are beautiful, true, and full of light.

And remember


Most of our self-talk (ie what we are thinking and saying to ourselves about ourselves) comes unconsciously from our subconscious. Yet every thought. which dictates our self-talk. that exists in our subconscious got there through a conscious decision to accept that thought. In other words, you must take responsibility for that thought.

You must become aware of your thoughts. That’s a tall order given that the human brain produces about 70,000 thoughts per day!

But we need to become conscious (BE AWARE) of our self-talk so we can at will choose to replace negative thoughts which are also beliefs with positive ones. We have the power to choose an identity we love, but we need to do the work. The process of changing our subconscious thoughts and beliefs requires

Awareness – we need to become aware of and be honest about what it is we say about ourselves

Diligence – becoming aware takes constant and earnest effort – it may require keep a diary of thoughts, beliefs, and noticing the patterns

Consistency – sometimes it is easy tobe aware; sometime it take time and persistence

Repetition – once you have decided to change a thought or belief, it takes some 28 days of constant and consistent repetition of the new thought for it to bed in and be the new belief system


"There is a thought in your mind right now. The longer you hold on to it, the more you dwell upon it, the more life you give to that thought. Give it enough life, and it will become real. So make sure the thought is indeed a great one."

-- Ralph Marston

"All thoughts create form on some level"

A Course in Miracles


Change your thinking
your self-talk