Using This Site

A quick overview with links to the main topics on this site.

We need to provide care not for patients "like this", but for THIS patient.

In the former we see the disease, in the latter, the individual.


Use this menu column to find out about this website, how it came about, who is The Radical Healer, the Radical Healer Philosophy, what's wrong with the present conventional medical paradigm, why people don't heal and how they can.

Be Aware

Use this menu column to find out about the first step, awareness, of the Radical Healer philosophy,  about planning change and creating new beginnings, about assessing your present state of health, creating better habits, and taking responsibility for your healing and life.

The T-Factor - taking responsibility for your health and well-being
Be Bold

In this column you are reminded of the second phase of The Radical Healer philosophy, the importance and necessity of being willing to take bold action when you seek to improve your health and well-being, of exploring what holds you back.

Be Radical

This column takes some key health conditions and looks at their signs, symptoms, causes and possible treatments from both a conventional medical perspective and just as importantly, and radically, from a metaphysical, spiritual perspective.


Be Informed

This fourth step in the Radical Healer philosophy seeks to encourage you to be better informed when it comes to your health and to consider wider perspectives than just the physical aspects. Above all, it offers pages on topics to help you heal that you may never have thought of.

Intuition - your personal sat nav!
Be a Blessing

The final stage in the Radical Healer philosophy is about the link between health and the power of gratitude, blessings, altruism, and bringing good to the world


This column is for practical things such as a contact form, details of services, media, and meditations