Your new future now



We spend much of our time thinking in the past; sometimes we

dare to think into the future, and then we find so many reasons

(more thoughts) to prevent us moving towards the future we desire.

We "what if" we fear, we doubt, we deny!


Few spend their time in the present moment. And yet each moment

of now is all we have.


What if you were to spend that moment of now visualising a future,

writing the new story for your  new life, instead of constantly reliving

a story of the past that is now gone?


Here is but one fun way to imagine a new future now.


Patti Dobrowolski
Draw your future

Envisioning your new future


Take time - say half an hour - a pad and a pen (or some colour pens) and do this activity.


What visions come to  mind when you ask the following questions ? Take your time to allow images and ideas and thoughts to come to mind. Even although the questions are asked in visual terms, you may not always “see” the answers but just know them, feel them, think them, sense them, even smell them! So let your answers come in their own way.


What vision comes to mind when you imagine a healthy, vibrant, YOU?


Sometimes it helps to compare and contrast – the old ie your health now and the new ie the you you visualise when healed, healthy, whole and complete even if you live with a permanent disability eg loss of a limb.


Old                                                      New Image


Breathlessness                                   I am breathing easily and fully           

Overweight                                       I am the perfect weight for me, I am slim and trim

Hampered mobility                        I move pain-free with ease

Tired, lethargic                                 I have boundless energy, I glow, I feel passionate

I live with fear                                   I am open, positive, hopeful, outgoing


Your version                                      Your vision of your new future (be creative)


What vision comes to mind when you imagine your healthy, vibrant, empowered life?


Old                                                                             New


Life is dull and restricted                                        I go where I please, life is joyful (write/draw examples)

Can’t do my hobbies                                               I sing, dance, garden, swim, meet friends

What’s the point?                                                     I live on purpose (state it!)

I am always  having medical appointments      I only now have regular check ups

Can’t go on holiday                                                 I now enjoy leisure breaks (give examples)

I don’t get out much                                               My social circle keeps on growing (draw examples)

My finances are limited                                           I am financially sound and abundant (write out what this means)

I hate where I live                                                      I now have a new home in the perfect location


Your version                                                                Your vision of your new future (no limitations!)


Each day, focus only on THE NEW – act as if it is happening right now, keep visualising it, notice opportunities, even small ones. Feel what it is like when you imagine the new.


Remember, the thoughts that got you into the old, the present situation, formed over many years so simply by visualising and thinking about and feeling the new will not mean an instant miracle!  Old habits will keep trying to replay. So STOP and SWITCH – say “STOP” when you catch yourself doing the old, and focus on the NEW!


Plant a seed, and it takes time for the shoot to appear, and even more time for the flower or the plant to appear.