And what is health to you?

What is your definition of health?


What does being healthy really mean to you?


Is it something you take for granted and never think about – until something goes wrong?


Is being healthy just about exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet?


In an increasingly sedentary world, how much exercise / movement do you actually get?


And what do we mean any more by a “balanced diet?”  How healthily do you actually eat?


Whoah! Are you just rattling through these questions or are you taking time to answer them, honestly? Honestly?


Have a look at the following model where moving to the left is living with symptoms, disease, and having them treated, perhaps on-going for life until life ends?

Or moving to the right where you are proactive in being aware of your current state of health, in all its aspects, and consciously take steps each day to create the best state of heath possible?


To the left you are REACTING to life and the symptoms that crop up. To the right and you are CREATING a truly healthy life.



– same letters in both words, but very different intentions and results.


Life is not about either or – it is more a question of where you put most of your attention.


If you are currently living with symptoms and dis-ease then you can choose whether for ever and a day you simply manage those symptoms, never addressing the cause of them.


Or do you decide to tackle the cause of their being there, whilst at the same time, put your focus that from now on, life is about the creating of optimal health. EG you may have diabetes, and in the present medical model, are simply managing the symptoms. You cannot create good health if you cling on to that way of living life. And that is what the present NHS medical paradigm would have you do. 


But how about if you were to decide to reverse your diabetes, so it is no longer about treating symptoms but about addressing the cause of diabetes, giving up on sugar, carbohydrates, starch, pastries, grains etc and over a few months releasing the symptoms of diabetes as you treat their cause. AND in that period you also work toward being aware that better health is possible, doing your homework as to what that means to you and how to achieve it, and, even as the diabetes reverses, you also work toward creating optimal health? Which will mean a shift in attitude, a change in lifestyle, in eating, paying attention to any negative beliefs you hold that are holding you back, releasing not just diabetes but all the mental emotional issues that weigh you down AND remember you are also a being with soul and that attending to spiritual and soul health should also be brought on to your agenda, if it isn’t already there. This means attending to your inner world, your connection with a source that is greater than you but which infills and enfolds you.  (It is not about religion necessarily though for some people it can be.)


You need a BOTH  / AND approach.  You need to react and respond to illness, disease, what the world brings to your doorstep AND you can take responsibility for creating a different world. (And if we all did that, imagine the different world we might have?)


Being completely healthy is attending to your physical, mental, emotional, social, financial, spiritual well-being. If one segment is malfunctioning, it will negatively impact the other.


The way we live our lives – our behaviour, our thoughts, our attitudes, our personal habits – all have a profound effect not just on our physical health, but on our mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.


Key is to examine our quality of thinking and how we think for everything begins with a thought. If your thought is that “nothing good ever happens to me” or “There’s nothing I can do about this!” then those thoughts will determine how you behave in the world.  If you think there is nothing you can do, then nothing you WILL do.


Our minds are constantly working frantically, thousands of thoughts per minute, depleting its power, making it hard to focus and make the right choices in life.


We need to learn to slow down (which we can do with e.g. meditation, leisurely walks in nature, listening to gentle music etc) and notice the thoughts we think that create the life we have and if that life is not as we would wish it, then we need to change our thinking.


To make up for what our bodies ack, our food is fortified with vitamins and minerals which feed and energise our physical body and our brain.


In a similar way, to make up for what our minds lack, e.g. peace, space, calmness of thought, we need to enrich it with nutrients to nourish and strengthen it. You could fortify your mind with the vital nutrients of silence, Begin by taking one minute breaks throughout the day – just sit in inner silence. Whatever is happening around you, simply take your attention inward to your breathing to feel calm and in control.


Give your mind the goodness it needs to function well for you.


Begin to notice where you need to make changes in your world.


Write down – help the mind, make it easier for it – write down all the different thinking you need to create those changes. Most people could have a long list. So you will need to prioritise.


Perhaps to make it easier, take each key area in life which has an impact on your well-being and for each write down up to three changes you need to make.


It is hoped this website will help you be in charge of your health.


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