What's your story?

“Don't spend your life believing a story about yourself that you didn't write that's been fed to you - that simply you've accepted, embedded and added to. Let the story go and there beneath is the real you...and your unique gifts, heart and path that await you.”
― Rasheed Ogunlaru


What’s the story you keep repeating about you?


What’s it about? Your health, your awful relationship, lack of finances,

dislike of work?  Is it one of victim or victor, of poor me or fabulous me?


What language describes your story – negativity, fear, positivity, hope,

wisdom, or love?


What is your journey? How has it been? Does it take you where you want?

New story:-  Is it time to write your own story? Starting?

What is your best description of your best future life ever?

Time to reflect


I once had a student who got really angry with me; she intensely disliked teachers who talked of people being “on a journey” – she put her fingers up as if in parenthesis to emphasise.


It’s a shame when we have so much invested in a word that we cannot take in its meaning as another intended. Another such word is God; so many cringe at the mention of the word because to them it means a being, a Christian being at that, and the last thing they are is a Christian, or anyone of any denomination, and they are not going to believe in anything they cannot see, hear, or touch. But just because it cannot be seen doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Can you see air? Can you see your body’s energy?


What is faith if not in the unseen? The word God means many things, and often comes in many names….Spirit, Higher Power, Divine One, Beloved, Source,  but I guess first we have to get over ourselves and accept that our little egoic beings are not all that we are, that there is a world beyond our skin, a world which eats, sleeps, breathes, refreshes, renews, all in its own way – a world of heart and soul, of energetic spirit, with Universal laws and ways.


We all have a story to tell – from birth to death and all adventures in between so in reality, everyone alive is on a journey from there, once-upon-a time, to here, right now. And now from here to the end of our time and for some beyond. On our journey we grow, we learn, we make some good choices and some not-so-good choices, we have experiences from which we can learn if we so choose, and choice is something we have daily in abundance. If we don’t like how life is playing out for us, we can choose to take responsibility, give ourselves better options, from which to make wiser choices. If we don’t like how our life has been till now, we can in some measure plan to change it. We don’t just have to take the deck of cards as dealt, nor the genes given at birth.


It is a rich tapestry that informs the story of your life – its events, the moments that shaped you, who you were, who you are, and who you are still in process of becoming. But its your attitude and your choice of language that does the telling.  It’s the story you tell yourself about yourself and the one you tell to others and both may be the same, or they may be told in quite different books. Some of us have a very private persona and one for public consumption. Others, in authenticty, tell their story of “me” – this is me, this is who I am, warts and all. Some show their story through the masks they wear, leaving the reader to imagine what and who really resides behind the mask and then they wonder why we miss-guess them.

For some the story reads more as a diary of life events and experiences, of the characters who move in and out of their lives, and the interplay of different dramas with different characters.


For many their story lacks heart, spirit and soul and instead is often a story of make-believe and fantasy – of wouldas, shouldas, unfulfilled dreams and might have beens, of struggles and missed opportunities. Of trying hard to be but never really being.


It is often about never daring or risking to be all we can be, of moving beyond the shallow waters of small talk and social chatter and risking to enter the wider and deeper oceans of meaning and purpose, learning how to grow spiritually and soulfully from within, finding connection and meaning with something greater, a Higher Power if you will, all on what one might describe as the key journey we are all here to make - the journey of discovering our Real Self, getting to the point where we can say:-


I am, who I am

I am healed and whole

I am at peace, I am peace

There is nothing to prove, nothing to defend, and nothing to protect
I am who I am and it's enough.


This becomes possible when we embark on a conscious spiritual journey, rather than be like a cork tossed on the waves to anywhere. That journey is not necessarily religious in origin though it can draw on the wisdom teachings of all the religions of the world. It might be heavily lived through one denomination. But it begins when you decide enough is enough of lack of meaning and purpose and wake up and start asking meaningful questions about you and your life and take responsibility for your life? Questions such as : -


What would be my perfect day?

What am I truly passionate about and do I bring that passion to the world?

What do I stand for? What are the values I have that I will not break?

What would life be in a limitless, boundless, loving world?

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What is wrong with the world?

How can what is wrong be made right?

What part would you (World!) have me play?


Asking these questions takes you on, dare I say, an inner journey where you seek answers not from the external world but truly from within. It requires regular contemplation, patience in an increasingly impatient world, and time in silence, in nature if possible.


Through this you begin to discover who you are, and explore what your life is about beneath that story you tell.


As in a journey, you move more and more towards feeling something profound and trustworthy, as if ... well, as if your soul has just announced itself to you, and you have met it for the first time and it says, this is what it is all about.


Call it journey.

Call it a spiritual journey if you must.

Just call it life.

Or don’t feel a need to name it – naming it can limit it.

You are in process of arriving and living through the mystery.

Just wake up to life and authentic living.


What is your story?

Is it one of hardship, trouble, poverty, ill-health?

Do you keep repeating the same awfulness? What you repeat you give strength to and keep attracting more of the same.

Are you at peace with your story? Does it bring joy?

If you were to draw a line in the sand today and start to tell a new story,

How would it be different

What would you be doing

How would you be being?

What language would you use – positive, inspirational, energising, encouraging etc?

What images do you call to mind?


Whilst we are all on a journey, if it is not one, any more,  of our liking, we can make changes, we can tell a different story and watch it come to life over time.

Much of this website is about radically moving from what is -  to what you would prefer.

If you are poor in health, tell the story of you as rich in health, be descriptive, what is changing, how are you changing, how is your health changing in this story. You don’t need to know the “how to” change so much as just tell the story of the changes along the way. Your creative intuition and imagination will conspire with the universe to make things happen -  but you must allow it to unfold. In the process you are re-programming your almighty mind to go after health, and not ill—health. As Dr Joe Dispenza says, “you are breaking the habit of being yourself!”

Just as you allow a wound to heal without always picking at the scab, plant your vision and let it too unfold.

Above all, to repeat, if the present story does not fit, stop telling it!


Yes, I know, it’s so easy to get caught up in your story; it can be so enticing and then hypnotising and we resist things like mindfulness and meditation and resting in awareness for fear we are missing a vital episode in the next chapter of our story.


So each time you get hooked by and caught up in your story, be aware that is what you have just done (that in and of itself takes practice) and ask yourself: "Which would I rather have right now - peace or the awfulness created by this story? Peace or story?"


That’s your choice. And you can’t have both. You can't have war and peace. You can't live in love whilst being filled with negative and fear-filled thoughts.


And if you choose peace, that also means to commit to stop repeating the story…and only telling your glorious new one.

You - your own author

When one realises one is asleep,
at that moment one is already half-awake.

~ P. D. Ouspensky (1878-1947)
Russian Journalist, Writer & Lecturer ~




You know those stories you keep telling and retelling, creating and recreating in your life, the ones that make you bang your forehead and say “Duh! Oh no! Not again?”   “Here I go once more round this dumb mountain!”


Well, you don’t have to keep having them show up in your life.  


Have you noticed the one thing all those stories have in common, is you? Take off your eye shades and check out your part of the story.


Then replay the story but this time, notice what you are going to think, believe, say, and do differently.


You have the choice to change your story.   


If you have a mind to, call on the Divine, your Higher Power, whatever you call it, and ask for support, to give you the courage to make the right decisions and take the right actions to bring about the new story.


You are your own author.

If life is not as you would wish, where can you change the story, the thoughts and phrases you keep repeating, to yourself and others? It is your choice.

Joyce Meyer

No more


the same dumb mountain!

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