You - the radical healer

Who or what is the Radical Healer?

I often imagine that the last thing any of us want to do before we die is leave this

life with regret over things we did or said, or wish we had done or said, regret too

over just how we were in life – shy, lacking in confidence, unassertive, holding

back, afraid and so many other negative ways we sabotage ourselves from being

our best and living to our potential.

Or maybe the last thing we want is to leaving wonder what life could have really

been like if we had just trusted ourselves a little more, ignored those who tried to

beat us down, and instead followed our hearts… Could life have been unbelievably

magical, mysterious, and momentous?

Well it’s never too late to be a radical healer – one of the ones who has chosen to do the work, to commit to regular practice, to making a difference … who refuses to just go along with the naysayers and prophets of doom and gloom, one of the ones unwilling to just go along with and accept the mediocre, the “standard” or “expected” or “just good enough” in any aspect of life…one of the ones always willing to be a good Samaritan, to go the extra mile, to heed the calls of service.

It’s never too late to show up, to reveal your truth, your authenticity, to be radically you, one of the ones who point blank refuses to ignore the quiet but profound whispers of their soul, nudging you ever onwards to more and better and greater or deeper and to Truth.

Radical healers end up with nothing short of miracles, the extraordinary, the beautiful, even if at times life throws them a deadly deck. They will see the opportunity in the challenges, the teachings in the lessons. They turn their life around and lead by example - in life, in relationships, at work and play, in finances and other forms of abundance, in grace and beauty, in health and well-being – radically living life to the fullest, making the best of all there is, nurturing their mind, body, and spirit.

They do all of this - because they know they deserve it, not because their ego tells them so, but because their soul whispers, “It is your birth right!”

Learn from yesterday

Live for today

Hope for tomorrow


Albert Einstein

1879 - 1955

German born theoretical physicist

A wee bit of yesterday


In our quick fix society where we expect instantaneous treatment, immediate release from pain, and early cure where possible, few in my experience stop to consider how the way we do medicine has evolved and to what extent it really works, whether th medicine we do and the eway we do medicine is any longer relevant. Yet as a system, our National Health Service demands constant in-pouring of governmental budget without seemingly questioning the appropriateness of the current paradigm.


With so many advances in science and technology, and the unquestionable “miracles” that modern day doctors can perform, it can be all too easy to ignore the origins of medicine and its earliest healers.


All traditional cultures have some personification or archetype of the Divine Healer or miracle working physician.

The ancient Greeks had Asclepius, the god of medicine who, in Homer's Iliad, was a physician to soldiers

wounded on the battlefield at Troy. But by Hippocrates' day, (see below) he had become elevated to the status

of a god. Today, the modern doctor has the snake symbol of Aesculapius.


As far back as 1500 BC, the Greek healer priests had established themselves as medical practitioners or physicians. The most

famous of these was Hippocrates, born 460 BC. Known as the “Father of Medicine”, his healing principles form the basis of

the Hippocratic Oath undertaken by doctors to this day. But even before these priests, healers of the day believed in the theory

that the individual spirit and life energy was at one with the Divine.


In terms of a therapeutic or healing relationship, Hippocrates saw the physician as the servant and facilitator of Nature.  How far have we moved from that principle? All medical treatment was aimed at enabling the body’s own ability, the natural resistance of the organism to prevail and overcome the disease, to bring about recovery. These days it is about medication, radiation, and surgery!


In the treatments he prescribed, Hippocrates favoured conservatism and moderation over radical or extreme measures.  Bloodletting, which was much abused at other times in medicine's history, was used only rarely by Hippocrates, and even then, only applied conservatively.


Hippocrates had much to say about the role and strengthening of the immune system; he placed great emphasis on strengthening and building up the body's inherent resistance to disease.  For this, he prescribed diet, gymnastics, exercise, massage, hydrotherapy and sea bathing.  Today we are more likely to flood the body with immune suppressing drugs!


Hippocrates was a great believer in dietary measures in the treatment of disease.  He prescribed a very slender, light diet during the crisis stage of an acute illness, and a liquid diet during the treatment of fevers and wounds.  Most doctors in the UK are hardly trained in nutrition and dietetics at all yet we are requires to consult with them on nutritional matters!


Hippocratic medicine was constitutionally based, so its approach to diagnosis and treatment was quite flexible.  As a holistic healing system, Hippocratic medicine treated the patient, and not just the disease. It was as interested in the cause and lifestyle as it was the symptom. Not so today where the focus is predominantly on treating, alleviating, and curing symptoms.


Hippocrates was the first physician to systematically classify diseases based on points of similarity and contrast between them.  He virtually originated the disciplines of etiology and pathology.  By systematically classifying diseases, Hippocrates placed their diagnosis and treatment on a sounder footing.



In 1000 BC the Egyptian Imhotep became so famous as a healer, that on his death, he was deified as the Egyptian God of Healing.


During the time of Jesus, said to be the greatest spiritual healer in recorded history, many references to healing can be found in the Bible, in both the Old and New testaments in his ministry where he cured both physical and spiritual illnesses – blindness, lameness, deafness, insanity, leprosy…

Live for Today


First ask, which do you live? A life less lived or a life more lived. So many of us live lives of constraint and "less than!" We think our physical body is all we are. We allow our wings to be clipped. We live according to others beliefs and cultural ways. Our health, finances, work, relationships, spirituality - whatever it is, it never seems just right.; it is seldom an expression of our true Soul.


Enter The Radical Healer living life to its fullest - in every sense, in health, wealth, prosperity, relationships, creativity, and  spirituality. Someone willing to embrace the "all" of life including the "all" of them. In other words, someone willing to live in truth and authenticity, in being real.


The Radical Healer lives a life from within and does not give way to external conditions.    Our external circumstances often conspire against us; war, terrorism, global malnutrition, greed, corruption, inefficiency in government, unethical organisations, unreliable technology, health systems that are about disease and not about health, and of course other people - people who hurt us, offend us, rub us up the wrongs or for whatever reason we simply do not get along with. But the Radical Healer will learn to respond from the Inner Self, focussing not on others' ups and downs, but always on what is changeless iin others. IN this way others can grow to trust the Radical Healer.


The Radical Healer acknowledges outer worldly circumstances but realises The T Factor that this moment of now is always a Time For A changed To Owned Responsibility. It is what we choose and how we respond that matters. It is about our levels of self-awareness, the options we give ourselves, the choices we make and an awareness of when we keep defaulting to familiar, comfortable habits and patterns, of thinking and doing, through which we sabotage our success and prosperity, our helath and well-being.


What's to be done? Well we can either put our heads in the nothing sandpit and stay stuck ie do nothing, say it's nothing to do with us, there's nothing I can do about it. It is what it is. We can ignore, deny, and repress. And keep repeating unhealthy patterns. But as we know with health, ignore a symtpom and it usually gets worse. The journey of the Radical Healer is one of selfless service.


OR - we can be  open to new learning, new ideas,  be bold and take radical steps to turn our own lives around and as we heal, we can also in small or big ways do our bit to heal and bless the world and make it a happier healthier place to be.


In short - you are The Radical Healer.


Only you can live your life and life is not about what happens to you, it is also about your part in its creaation, and more importantly, what you do, how you respond, how quickly and able you bonce back in the face of adversity. Life doesn't just happen to you.

Life treats you as well as you treat it. You have total control over how you choose to respond to what life offers you, the seeming good and not so good.



Above all, always KISS - Keep It Simply Soulful

Life is more than your body and what goes on in your head.


Bless yourself, be open to blessings, bless the world.


That's it! Simple - yet profound. Be the energy of blessings. Which is Love. When you Love, not just in the romantic sense, life works. The opposite of love is Fear - when we fear, we close down.

Be radical.

The key is to be aware of your life, what's working and what's not.

  1. What are the habits and patterns you keep repeating that have created outcomes which are not what you really want?

  2. Educate and inform yourself on ways to address your ways and change to creating more successful outcomes. Today, with so much available on the World Wide Web, there are no excuses.

  3. From your research and new-found knowledge and self-awareness, what different options can you give yourself?

  4. How can you think, behave, and connect differently?

  5. Radical and bold action, rather than tinkering with minor changes, may be called for. Be radical, be bold. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

  6. Be open to what the Universe will now send your way. It may a blessing or indeed more tests and challenges, lessons to be learned.

  7. Follow the breadcrumbs!

Hope and attract the future