Wholeness healing

"Collaborative medicine means we take the time to get to know each other so we can work together toward the best health you can achieve. We may decide to use conventional, alternative or integrative approaches, but the decisions are made in a collaborative way."

M.D.Interview with Martin Rossman M.D. by Andrew Weil


Where is your focus when it comes to your health and your issues?


Is it on healing localised, individual symptoms, or healing holistically,

holding an image of yourself as healed, whole and complete?


Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired, of a health system and even your

own approach to health which may be deemed, the old paradigm?


You know the one -  where you heal one complaint at a time, one medical

department at a time, one medical specialist at a time, always assuming that

you just have to go along with a medical system founded on separate modalities

and separate specialists (who don’t talk one with the other) for each pain, problem,

or condition, a system that is so ineffective and expensive. (We are not talking here

of Accident and Emergency departments whose role often is to deal with the signs

and symptoms in front of it, which in the UK they do exceeding well.)


And all the time you are crying out for a new way, a new paradigm, one that aims to heal everything, that deals with you holistically because that is how the body is anyway…heart speaks to head, head speaks to stomach, with myriad intricate and intra connections between body, mind, spirit and energy.


We have a medical system that uses general practitioners as gatekeepers, to refer us to highly-trained and expensive specialists to treat each individual pain, problem, pattern and condition in our lives separately.


Even so-called “holistic” specialists often ignore the distant resonance, interconnections, and unknown entanglements that keep your problem in place. Homeopaths have their way, you go to a chiropractic for your back issues, a nutritionist for dietary issues, a herbalist for chronic conditions. Specialists have their place, of that there is no doubt. But if you have more than one pain or problem or illness, as people increasingly so … you’ll spend inordinate amounts of your energy, emotions, time and money waiting weeks or months to see these specialists, chasing down specialists for each individual problem when all the time there is no such thing as an isolated problem, pain, or difficulty.


Take gout manifesting on your big toe - caused by too much uric acid in the body, a compound that results from the breakdown of purines, a normal part of all human tissue, found in many foods.. Uric acid crystals cause inflammatory arthritis, which in turn leads to heat, intermittent swelling, pain, redness, and stiffness in the joints. It’s mainly a male disease and is caused variously by too much beer drinking, prescription medicines, stress, caffeine, Vitamin D insufficiency, poor quality sleep, being overweight, and taking insufficient water. And metaphysically, the spiritual causes of gout can be impatience, anger and the need to dominate, with possibly feelings or beliefs of scarcity or “poverty consciousness” or a feeling of being trapped, all of which can trigger inflammation.


But most medical practitioners will focus on the symptom, that poor throbbing toe and give a treatment to relieve that but as you can see from the foregoing, you may need instead, or in addition, to be addressing your drinking habits, what you eat, and your mental emotional attitudes.


If you stick with the OLD WAY you will assume you need to treat each of the above separately, seeing in turn a specialist for each. That is unless you are simply given medication to relive the symptom; but that does not get at the root cause.


The new paradigm, the paradigm of wholeness, would have you focus on being whole and complete, giving yourself the command to heal all now. Of course you would need to make lifestyle adjustments – stop drinking alcohol, get better sleep, eat foods that do not trigger inflammation etc but your prime focus is not on separate bits, it is on wholeness Instead of addressing treatment through the standard “holistic” areas of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic, wholeness healing heals you from every possible angle. You heal the bigger picture AND the specific bits of that bigger picture. You heal the whole jigsaw and its relevant individual pieces.


Hold the focus -the intention -  you as healed, whole, and complete.




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PS You may be wondering, why Wholeness Healing when this website is broken down into separate pages for separate issues. That is because there are, as they say, different strokes for different folks. And where your thinking is will influence what treatment you seek. Sometimes all that is needed is just to sort that broken hip, but, especially if you are living with chronic conditions, which are mounting, then you need not just the localised perspective, but a wider, holistic perspective.

Symptoms or causes

Isolated parts of completeness and wholeness?

Where is your focus now?