Why people don't heal

There can be many reasons why we are unhealthy and don't heal.


And many of them are down to us.


Here I just want to highlight what I have found are the key reasons that prevent people taking the necessary

action to bring about healing, greater well-being and good health.


  • Laziness – sorry, but best to be upfront. Sometimes were just not prepared to do what it takes, sometimes                                                     we say, “Ach can’t be bothered” because it involves work, research, changing, things that we think are hard;                                                     sometimes we feel like it’s too big a struggle, requires too much effort. Well listen up, no one promised you                                                  an easy ride. Creating health, maintaining health, challenging dis-ease takes time and effort and money.                                                              

  •  Ignorance – this does not mean you are an ignorant person. It simply means you are ignorant of the facts that could help you heal. You think you know, you think your way is best, but what is your knowledge based on? Are you truly informed? Have you taken the time to really go out and get the facts as to what causes your condition and how it can be treated, and hopefully cured? Don’t you think that if you really knew it all by now, you would be doing it, and would be healed?                                                                                                      

  •  Lack of self-responsibility – most of us have been brought up to believe we can put our power into the hands of others – doctors, nurses, therapists, authorities, the government and we just lay back and behave as passive recipients. That does not cut the mustard seed.  For us to be whole means we have to take responsibility – for the thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours (ie our lifestyle) that creates ill-health and then be willing to change our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes, and our behaviours, in order to create better health and well-being. If you drink alcohol to excess and then wonder why you are ill, no amount of pills and potions are going to help you; only you can change your drinking behaviour and only you can explore what underpins your need to drink. You may need help BUT it begins with you. You have to take responsibility … whether it be about drink, lifestyle, weight, diabetes, cancer, obesity or whatever.                        

  •  We fear change – sometimes we just love to moan about our ailments. We have a conversation piece. We love to blame others for our condition. In telling others how they can heal we are so often just using it as an excuse to tell them our story.


We know we should change. But we fear change. Because if we were suddenly or over time healed, we would have nothing to complain about. Conversation piece gone! When we are struggling or sick or even stuck - there is something about that way that becomes familiar and almost comfortable. It’s what we know. The idea of change can be overwhelming and intimidating, if only at the other than conscious level.

 But the only way to create change is to push past and through your comfort zone, it is to take radical new / different action.

  • Lack of Time


I have clients tell me “I can’t do that because … I don’t have time.”  Stop it with the excuses.  We all have the same number of hours in the day. What we do with them is down to the choices we each make. Stop blaming time. Stop blaming.

 If I think just about thinking, and the amount of time taken up each day in thought, this is how we spend them

 65% - most of our thoughts are negative, unproductive, and harming.

20% - of our thoughts are just a waste of time – they’re of boredom, meaninglessness, unproductiveness, the lead no where positive

10% - are necessary – like what to eat, what to do, manage each moment

5% - yes 5% are actually worthwhile, original, deep, creative, transformative

 So tell yourself, “I do have time,” or “I make the time” - whether that is to meditate, consciously food shop, cook from scratch, or go for a walk to aid your well-being.

  • Lack of Money

People love something for free. But they seldom appreciate it. In the UK we have become used to a health system whereby we expect everything to be freely available. We go to the doc and s/he fixes it. But that’s not how it works. We have to play our part and sometimes that means we have to pay for something that is not available within official NHS protocols.

 What I have observed is that the alchemy of self-healing is found in the art of gratitude and the art of investing - even to an uncomfortable extent - in your own healing.

 In Scotland, there is a cultural “thing” around paying for our health and well-being. So often I hear, “I can’t afford that treatment as I don’t have money.” Or, “Why should I pay privately for that if it is not freely available on the NHS?”   Well much that works is NOT available on the NHS and so if we want to heal, sometimes we have to pay.

It is not always about the money. It is about the investment you are willing to make on yourself. An attitude of paucity simply means you are saying your body, your life, is not worth it.

Think about how much you spend on managing your symptoms and even self-medicating…the time spent on useless medical appointments, the daily coffees to cheer you up, the comfort foods, the takeaways, the doctors’ appointments and medications you may have to pay for, the cocktails at the end of a long day, alcoholic or otherwise, that take the edge off your anxiety when you need to unwind.

  • Lack of a spiritual perspective

Most people I meet simply refuse to have anything to do with the notion that there is a spiritual component to health. They misinterpret spiritual as meaning religious - the two are not the same.

I am in no doubt - ignore or deny the spiritual element, and you will not heal, you will never be whole.


Plan a new regimen, give yourself a month or better still give IT a month, without cracking up and giving in because you can’t crack the mustard seed, and notice the difference in your health and in your monetary reserves.

If you want to heal, you have to invest. You have to be willing not just to spend money in a different way, but revise how you spend your time, your thoughts.

So today, think about how you could invest a little more than you think is comfortable to get a much greater, long-term freedom with better health and well-being tomorrow, and the days beyond.

You may have heard the Dalai Lama’s response when asked what surprised him most about Humanity.


He replied, “Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”