Write your own prescriptions

There is much we can each do to heal ourselves. And it's not just about treating lumps and bumps, coughs and aches.


Perhaps the first thing to treat are our attitudes, our beliefs, our thoughts around healing.


We have become so used in the UK to handing over our self-healing responsibilities to our doctors and health services. But they can only do so much. There is so much more we can do - to prevent dis-ease in the first place and to treat it when it appears.


So here's the radical healer challenge - if you were to write your own prescription, based on having considered not just your symptoms  but your own part in their creation, what prescription would you write for yourself? Jump to here if you feel you want to just get on with writing your own prescription.


Our NHS is in financial doo daa and more and more we as "patients" ie people who are suffering are being handed back more and more responsibility for our own health and well-being. And not before time. Our own health is our own  responsibility - how we maintain health, how we prevent poor-health, and how we deal with bad-health when it happens.


But just before we launch into this whole area of self-responsibility and self-treatment, let's ask a fundamental question:-


Is there scientific proof we can heal ourselves?